About Team Chem-Dry First
Carpet Cleaners First

Your Number One Choice in the Constantia, Kirstenhof, Muizenberg, Tokai and Wynberg Areas!

Chem-Dry First has plenty of experience when it comes to cleaning carpets and this, combined with our world class carpet cleaning machinery and solutions, provides all our customers with ease of mind that their carpets will be cleaned professionally and thoroughly.

As a franchise of the global Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Institute we have continual access to all the latest carpet cleaning developments as well as state-of-the-art technology and cleaning products that conform not only to South African standards but also those set on an international scale.

The team at Chem-Dry First is also well versed in an extensive variety of cleaning techniques and products, allowing our cleaning technicians to identify different types of stains and spills and apply the correct cleaning procedure that will zap the spot but not hurt your carpet.

Although most marks on your carpets and upholstery will pose no challenge to Chem-Dry First’s cleaning power, there are occasionally some, such as an old imbedded stain that remained untreated or was treated incorrectly the first time. Our cleaning technicians will however be able to quickly point these out to you and give you an honest and professional opinion on the possibility of removing such a stain.

Our committed team of cleaning experts will be in and out your home or office before you know it, as they rapidly set about tackling the cleaning job at hand in a professional and courteous manner. Carpets will be left looking brighter and smelling fresher and upholstered furniture will look newer and better.

Chem-Dry First cleaning services also extends to other areas of your home or business as we provide highly convenient, on-site Drapery Cleaning, Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning services and Protection Solutions that can be applied to your carpets and upholstery after they have been cleaned.

ensure that your carpets and upholstered furniture are dry and ready to use again within a few hours, no matter what the weather is like outside, while products such as our Carpet Deodoriser can be used to deal with smelly mats and rugs, helping to counteract unpleasant odours and also providing a soil-resistant coating that aids in keeping carpets clean.

Chem-Dry First now offers a range of Chem-Dry cleaning products that can be bought directly from our website, simply by clicking on the ‘order now’ button. Highly convenient and easy to use, these professional cleaning solutions range from carpet deodorisers to applications that will eliminate even notoriously stubborn stains such as ink and lipstick, and are the perfect tools to stash in your laundry in order to keep carpets, fabrics and even clothes clean and bright in between professional carpet cleaning appointments.

Besides their cleaning punch, as far as possible all of Chem-Dry’s specialised solutions are based in natural ingredients and pose little or no harmful side effects to your family, fabrics and carpets, allowing you to rest assured that you are causing no undue damage to the environment around you.